celebrating veganuary with gazebo cuisine

Celebrating Veganuary with Gazebo Cuisine

Celebrating Veganuary means joining thousands of others who join the challenge lead by a non-profit organisation.

If you have ever considered a plant-based diet, January is the perfect time to start.  Not only is it the beginning of the year, which comes with new resolutions and mindset, but it is Veganuary.  Celebrating Veganuary means joining thousands of others who join the challenge lead by a non-profit organisation.

How Did Veganuary Start?

The month of Veganuary was initiated by the self-titled charity in 2014.  The annual challenge aims to promote and educate on the topic of veganism.  The purpose is to encourage you to try a vegan lifestyle for a month.  However, many people choose to continue and embrace a whole new lifestyle!

We aren’t just talking UK for this challenge though.  Over the years it has grown to become an international event with participants celebrating Veganuary from over 200 countries and territories.  In 2022, more than 500,000 people chose to try vegan and 2023 is looking to be in even bigger!

Celebrating Veganuary is incredibly important for the charity who have worked tirelessly to improve the provision of vegan products in stores and restaurants.  Many retailers now dedicate an aisle, menus and social media content to the month of Veganuary which shows the huge strides the world has taken.

There is still work to be done by the non-profit, but they continue to drive awareness across national and international media. You can read some more amazing statistics and about the work of the Veganuary charity here.

Gazebo are Celebrating Veganuary

Throughout the month, we are sharing some of our vegan dishes on social media.  We also see it as a great chance to talk about our vegetarian meals for those who choose not to move completely to veganism.  These dishes may include ingredients such as eggs or milk but are all fully listed, along with clearly marked allergens on every package.

Punjabi Chole Saag Aloo.  What is this we hear you ask!?  It is nothing short of a delicious blend of aromatic spices from the saag with the creaminess of the chole and aloo.  Saag is simply leafy Indian vegetables, combined with spices.  Aloo refers to the potatoes and chole is one of the most popular ingredients – chickpeas!  Combined they make for a delicious dinner!

Our range also includes Red Thai Vegetable Curry, Tarka Dhal, Onion Bhajis or even Mixed Vegetable Rice.  All are flavoursome, packed with veggies and make celebrating Veganuary just that bit easier.

One of our team favourites is our Indian Selection, which is all vegan and served with a tasty, tangy, tamarind dip!  The box includes 2 Vegetable Samosas, 2 Onion Bhajis and 2 Vegetable Pakoras so is perfect as a side, snack or even a movie night!

And remember, we create vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and even low sugar meals so we have something for everyone!

Get Involved

For over 35 years, we have been producing mouth-watering dishes in our UK food factory, inspired by international flavours. Our street food really will spice up your life!

Our aim is to create street food like no other! Our food brings together flavours from around the world so you can enjoy global cuisines from the comfort of your own home.  Click here to find about how to get your hands on some food to help you when you are celebrating Veganuary.

Join us on our social media channels in January for foodie inspiration, vegan and vegetarian food ideas and also quick wins in the kitchen.  We also love to hear from customers who have enjoyed our dishes, so get involved and share your creations.

Follow us on our flavour journey on @gazebocuisine across Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok  and enjoy celebrating Veganuary with us.

Gazebo Cuisine – Street Food Like No Other!

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