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Food to Go

Samosa, bhajis, bites and so much more. Our Grab & Go range is perfect, hot or cold!

Flamin’ tikka marinated chicken and fresh vegetables mixed to create a slightly spicy flavour. Hand wrapped in samosa pastry sheets and cooked until crispy.
Crafted from a mix of fresh veggies and aromatic spices, all hand wrapped in an Asian pastry. The ultimate flavours from the streets of Bombay!
The finest tender lamb, combined with aromatic Asian spices, hand-wrapped into a triangle shaped pastry. One of our best-selling Indian snacks. Enjoy hot or cold!
A selection of flavoursome, handcrafted and classic Indian snacks. All paired with a tangy tamarind dip to tantalise your tastebuds. The ultimate veggie selection!
A flavourful bite size fritter made from thinly sliced onions and fragrant spices, fried to total perfection. Ideal for our vegan pals! Enjoy hot or cold!
Chunks of British chicken, marinated in tikka masala, dished up with a mint raita dip. A street food snack for when you’re in a hurry! Dip ‘n’ Bite!
A parcel that packs a punch! Turmeric spiced pastry, bursting with veggies and peri peri spiced chicken. Flavours that will transport you to a busy bazaar!

Our famous sweet potato falafel. Made using our secret recipe by fusing sweet potatoes, broad beans, chickpeas and…apricots! Served with a houmous dip.

Where to Buy

Gazebo Cuisine’s best-selling street food is sure to revolutionise meal times! Find us in your local convenience shop, forecourts and even the airport!
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