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Discover Gazebo Cuisine Food. For over 35 years, we have been producing mouth-watering dishes in our UK food factory, inspired by international flavours.

Gazebo Cuisine food will spice up your life! Every product within Gazebo Cuisine Range is carefully, folded, wrapped or stirred at our North London factory.  We source only the finest ingredients from around the world to ensure the flavours you experience are true to the dish.

Gazebo Cuisine’s Range will revolutionise your mealtimes but with quality, flavour and the street vibe at the heart of what we do. We blend. We mix. We create.

Gazebo Cuisine Food – A Global Inspiration

Traditional Street Food has been enjoyed for hundreds of years around the globe. Our team have visited the streets of some of the most bustling cities in the world from Beijing to Lisbon to taste the delights and bring them to the UK.

Mumbai, India has more than half a million street food vendors alone and this is the source of much of our inspiration. Indian Street food culture is a vibrant community of flavours that unify diverse culinary traditions from across the nation.

The roots of Indian Street Food can be traced back to ancient times when street merchants would sell snacks and appetizers to locals and travellers looking to blend in different cultures and cuisines.

This dynamic gastronomic experience tantalises taste buds with its colourful blend of spices, fresh ingredients and inventive food combinations.

Indian Street Food Markets serves as melting pots for communities where everyone is welcome to discover the irresistible charm of Indian Street Food Culture.

Indian Street Food is not only about spice, but it also offers a wide range of flavours and textures.

Take for example our timeless Gazebo Chicken Tikka Samosa, crafted with a mix of fresh veggies and authentic spices, they are all hand wrapped in a traditional Asian pastry. The ultimate flavours from the streets of Bombay!

How about some Oriental delight in the form of our delicious Vegetable Spring Rolls? Flavoursome fillings enhanced by ginger, soya and sweet chilli sauce. Perfect with a Friday night Fakeaway!

We have brought these classic dishes to the UK and lovingly handcraft each and every one of our ready meals, snacks and sides in our food factory, right here in Wembley. We responsibly source only the finest ingredients combined with the most delicate blend of spices to create our secret family recipes. We then proudly supply to retailers and wholesalers across the nation.

In the Community

We are proudly taking Gazebo Cuisine Food to the Streets in 2023 as we work with our charity partner City Harvest London.

Established in 2014, City Harvest London rescues nutritious surplus food from manufacturers, suppliers, producers and retailers.  It delivers, for free, to 375+ London charities feeding those facing food poverty.

City Harvest rescues food, people, and planet by preventing food waste, providing life-changing support to communities in every London borough through food, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from waste.

We are proud of the partnership and look forward to supporting local communities in London.

Where to Buy Gazebo Cuisine

Gazebo Cuisine food is sure to liven up your lunch box and revolutionise meal times! Grab the eye-catching packaging, smell the aromatic spices and taste the flavour sensations of our food!  Find us in food to go chillers or the ready meal fridges across the nation.

Our aim is to create Street Food Like No Other! Gazebo Cuisine food brings together flavours from around the world so you can enjoy global cuisines from the comfort of your own home.

Click here to see some of our fantastic stockists. Click here to see some of our fantastic stockist.

Follow us on our flavour journey on @gazebocuisine across Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok!


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