gazeco cuisine achieve AA+ BRCGS certification

Highest BRCGS Certification Awarded to Gazebo

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the highest BRCGS certification. Why does BRCGS certification matter?

Grade AA+ BRCGS certification has been awarded to our Wembley-based premises following a thorough and unannounced audit.

Why is BRCGS Certification important?

Achieving an AA+ BRCGS Certification is a show of excellence. It displays our ability to adhere to the highest BRCGS standards in the food industry.

Gazebo Cuisine has been producing flavoursome world street food in our UK food factory for over 35 years. Holding the highest BRCGS certificate demonstrates we ensure only the utmost quality and food safety on site.

This means you, our loyal customer, benefit from knowing products are produced in an environment using only the highest standards.

The whole team are responsible for maintaining these standards and it is this that sets us aside from our competitors. Our team’s dedication ensures they are consistently working to produce only the finest products that exceed the expectations of the UK consumer.

What does BRCGS stand for?

BRCGS (Global Supply Chain Assurance | BRCGS) or widely referred to as BRC is short for Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards. BRCGS is a leading global brand and consumer protection scheme, created to standardise food safety standards across the supply chain.

Thousands of customers recognise it worldwide and is considered to be a benchmark for requirements. BRC certification is commonly issued through a global network of accredited certification bodies and BRCGS auditors.

The stringent criteria created by BRCGS certification standardise various aspects of food businesses. This includes the quality, safety and operational measures in a manufacturing setting. This ensures suppliers are fulfilling their legal obligations and providing only the best to the consumer.

BRCGS certification standards is often a necessary requirement of the UK retail sector so holding a Grade AA+ BRC Certification offers more opportunities.

Not only are the criteria for suppliers strict, but BRC assure customers of auditor compliance (Compliance and integrity| BRCGS). Not all schemes are the same and so BRCGS invest a lot of time and money performance-managing all of their certification partners.

They also have a high expectation of the BRCGS auditors who undertake audits within the scheme. They ensure that their own auditor category exams, education, work experience, professional qualification, audit training and experience meets the gold standard in third party auditing.

Who Inspects The Premises?

An independent BRCGS auditor conducts a rigorous inspection annually. The auditor visits our site to evaluate the whole operation of the business, from production to warehousing. Each audit requires an on-site visit that takes up to 48 hours.

Upon completion a report is generated, and the business is given a score. This score is consistent across the industry so emphasises those achieving the highest grade.

How Are We Graded?

The grading scale for BRCGS certification audit begins with uncertified, D then up to AA, being the highest. An unannounced audit will have a ‘+’ after the grade.

Businesses who choose to participate in the unannounced BRCGS audit are volunteering to be challenged at a higher level and are showing confidence in their day-to-day BRCGS food safety culture and procedures.

An unannounced audit means that the auditor may arrive at your facilities at any time after a given date, so you must be ready at all times. Often, food manufacturers start with announced audits before moving to an unannounced audit.

Achieving the highest BRCGS accreditation is no mean feat and the whole team have played a part in this excellent result.

About Gazebo Fine Foods

Our aim is to create Street Food Like No Other! Our food brings together flavours from around the world so you can enjoy global cuisines from the comfort of your own home.

We have brought these classic dishes to the UK and lovingly handcraft each and every one of our ready meals, snacks and sides in our food factory, right here in Wembley.

We responsibly source only the finest ingredients combined with the most delicate blend of spices to create our secret family recipes. We then proudly supply to retailers and wholesalers across the nation.

Click here to read more about us.

Gazebo Cuisine – Street Food Like No Other!

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