how to maintain healthy eating goals with gazebo cuisine range

Healthy Eating Goals When On The Go

Healthy eating goals are always a challenge but if you barely have enough time at home, cooking and eating to hit the targets can be tricky. 

Planning to cook from scratch every day is an admirable aim but it’s impossible for those who are always on the go.

One thing we do know, simplicity is key! Ditch the take-outs and the unhealthy snacks and shape up this year with some great ideas from our team.

How to Maintain Healthy Eating Goals

Plan Your Meals

It’s hard to maintain healthy eating goals if you don’t prepare meals ahead of time. Make a meal plan before you shop and think about the ingredients and preparation time.  It’s also great to get all the family involved as they will all have lots of ideas.  For speed and ease, consider pre-boiling your chicken, lean meat or fish so it’s easier and faster to prepare quick meals during workdays.

Use The Microwave

There are thousands of easy and healthy pre-prepared meals and snacks available.  In fact, Gazebo Cuisine’s Ready Meals are perfect for people who are always busy and want to maintain healthy eating goals. Our Chicken Balti with Pilau Rice contains less than 13g of fat per serving but is still so very tasty.  Chicken Chettinad, Mixed Vegetable Pilau Rice and Kadi Chicken have less than 10g of fat per serving but really do not compromise on taste.

Use At Least Three Healthy Ingredients

Instead of a stodgy sandwich, crisps and yet another bar of chocolate, try to add 3 healthy ingredients to your lunch box to achieve your healthy eating goals.  Fresh strawberries, juicy grapes or an energy-boosting banana are great additions. What about trying a Sweet Potato Falafel Wrap to hit those healthy eating goals?  Avocado, chicken breast with a simple salad is a great way to start.

If it’s all about flavour, our Chicken Tikka Bites with Mint Raita Dip is for you.  Packed full of tikka spices but less than 7g of fat per 100g so you stay on target.

Choose Iron-Rich Ingredients

If you are always busy, a lack of iron may cause fatigue. Lean meat, dark green veggies, lentils, and oatmeal are rich in iron. If you do muscle training after work, iron will also help to improve your muscle strength.

Cook Stews

Make just a little bit of time to cook a winter stew.  You can add healthy ingredients such as sweet potato, tomatoes, lean meat, carrot, veggies, herbs and spices each day. To avoid getting bored, try to cook different kind of stews each time.

Choose Healthy Snacks

We created Gazebo Cuisine Grab and Go products for people just like you – who want the best out of life and to not compromise on delicious and nutritious food! That’s why all our snacks are well balanced, packed with protein, fresh vegetables and lots of flavour!

If you would like to find more information about Healthy Eating we recommend visiting British Heart Foundation where you fill find lots of tips to achieve your Healthy Eating Goals.

Gazebo’s Inspiration

For over 35 years, we have been producing mouth-watering dishes in our UK food factory, inspired by international flavours. Our street food really will spice up your life!

Our aim is to create Street Food Like No Other! Our food brings together flavours from around the world so you can enjoy global cuisines from the comfort of your own home.

Traditional Street Food has been enjoyed for hundreds of years around the globe. Our team have visited the streets of some of the most bustling cities in the world from Beijing to Lisbon to taste the delights and bring them to the UK. Mumbai, India has more than a half a million street food vendors alone and this is the source of much of our inspiration.

Grab the eye-catching packaging, smell the aromatic spices and taste the flavour sensations of our food!  Hitting those healthy eating goals is achievable and with Gazebo, there is no compromise on flavour.

Gazebo Cuisine – Street Food Like No Other!

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