world street food is gazebo cuisine inspiration

World Street Food, Our Inspiration

Enter Gazebo’s world of flavour discovery! For over 35 years, we have been producing mouth-watering dishes and world street food in our UK food factory.

Our team have embraced their diverse cultures and travelled the world, trying and testing global cuisines.  The result is fabulous flavours, brought together in our delicious dishes for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home!

Finding the World Street Food Flavours

All of our products have been inspired by international flavours from some of the most bustling cities.  From Beijing to Lisbon and everywhere in between, we’ve tried all the world’s food you can imagine!

We’ve brought those delectable flavours to the UK and our range of world street food really will spice up your life.

Indian Street Food

One of the most popular world flavours in the UK is Indian Cuisine. According to Spice Business Magazine, the industry is worth a huge £3.6 billion a year. That’s a lot of curries!

India is famous for its incredible spices and herbs. Mumbai alone is home to nearly half a million street food vendors, known for their delicious punch-packing flavours. Our classic Indian Selection Snacks have been inspired by the smells, colours, sights and textures that you can find in a busy bazaar.

Gazebo’s Indian Street Food range features our selection of Chicken Tikka SamosaVegetable SamosaLamb SamosaOnion Bhaji, and Chicken Tikka Bites with a variety of traditional dips.

From triangles and rolls of pastry filled with mincemeat to fritters made from fresh veggies, we’ve got a flavour for everyone!

Oriental Street Food

Oriental countries dish up some of the most creative and inventive meals across the globe. China is packed with culture and is one of the most excitingly fast-paced environments in the world.

We were excited, not just by their ability to experiment and try new flavours, but also by how they bring delicious food to those on the go. When in China, you’ll never eat the same dish twice!

Classic Chinese dishes include fried meats, sweet and sour sauces and equally tasty meal accompaniments; noodles, rice and soup are absolute staples!

Our Oriental Street Food range includes the perfect Chicken Spring Rolls and Vegetable Spring Rolls. Both are oozing with traditional flavouring and fall into our top tier!

Mediterranean Street Food

From Portugal to Greece, the Mediterranean is a region that takes its name from the sea and is highly regarded when it comes to food. From questionable combinations to innovating recipes, Mediterranean dishes present a great opportunity to try something new!

Most foods are inspired by the traditional cuisines of Greece, Italy and other countries that border the sea. The Mediterranean diet is largely plant based and focuses on fresh vegetables, high fibre, carbs and little meat content.

Gazebo’s Mediterranean Street Food Mix encapsulates all this and contains a variety of snacks from lamb potato chips and broad bean bites to spinach and feta rolls.

Portuguese Street Food

On our travels to Portugal, we simply had to stop by in lovely, Lisbon. The city is known for its lavish architecture, historical monuments and appetising food. Here we discovered the Portuguese invention that we all know and love, Frangou de Churrasco.

To us, that’s Peri Peri Chicken. We were so excited by the combination of cultures in the city that we decided to wrap up the flavours, smells and colours into a pocket-sized delight!

Our Peri Peri Chicken Parcel has already won hearts, so you must not miss out.

Try our World Street Food

Join us on our world street food journey, so that you too can taste flavours inspired by the best street food vendors across the globe.

We have brought these classic dishes to the UK and lovingly handcraft each and every one of our snacks and sides and ready meals in our food factory, right here in Wembley.

We responsibly source only the finest ingredients combined with the most delicate blend of spices to create our secret family recipes. We then proudly supply to retailers and wholesalers retailers and wholesalers across the nation.

Follow us on our flavour journey on @gazebocuisine across Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok!

Gazebo Cuisine – Street Food Like No Other!

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