our ready meals have hit the small screen!

Our Ready Meals have hit the Small Screen

Did you see us? We’re so proud to say our Ready Meals have hit the small screen with a feature on the episode ‘Food Unwrapped´s Lunch Box’.

Gazebo’s Founder and Managing Director, Tanoj Shah, took a leading role in the Food Unwrapped episode. He shared his vast knowledge about ready meals production and the science behind it.

He welcomed presenter Matt Tebbutt to our site in Wembley, who embarked on a full tour of the facility and even tasted our favourite curries.

Matt is highly regarded within the food industry thanks to his background. He trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London, worked for Marco Pierre White and even opened his own restaurant.

He’s a regular presenter on Food Unwrapped, being there since the first episode. He is also part of Saturday Kitchen, and the Great British Menu so really is a food connoisseur.

All About The Best Ready Meals

The Food Unwrapped´s Lunch Box episode explored the exciting technology, brand lookalikes and environmental pledges within the retail world.

The big question posed by consumers was ‘Why are some ready meals not suitable for microwave cooking?’ Who is better than our founder to give a comprehensive answer?

When it comes to microwaves ready meals, Gazebo is at the forefront of the market, having been established for over 30 years. The brand is synonymous with quality and innovation, so it was fantastic to share our knowledge with Channel 4.

UK consumers enjoy 79 million ready meals a week and one of the nation’s favourites is Chicken Tikka Masala. Gazebo produces 22 different ready meals for retailers across the country. We count Booths, Nisa and Spar as just some of our customers.

The Science Behind It All

Tanoj explained that the key to making rice in ready meals was the way it is prepared. ‘We slightly undercook it in mass production so when heated at home, it will finish cooking. Perfect, fluffy rice every time!

As for the sauce, once the chicken has been oven cooked to give its flavour, the high-water content is key to success. Once it is put in a microwave, the electromagnetic waves bounce around and penetrate the food. This causes the water to move and heat up.

Turning and stirring the product avoids heat spots because this can be dangerous. The result is a delicious and nutritious meal, which is moist and tastes like a restaurant-style meal.

They went on to explore oven cooked versus microwaved samosas. Using the same food science principles, the water molecules are simply absorbed by the pastry so soggy pastry in an instant! Cooked in the oven, the Samosa is crispy and just as it should be.

Gazebo Has Hit the Small Screen… and loved it!

Tanoj took immense pleasure in welcoming the Food Unwrapped team to see the site and solve consumer questions. He said ‘I’m proud of the business, the food we create and the science behind the meals.

We ensure we focus on the detail and really understand our products, so we always create only the finest dishes.’ You can watch the episode in full on Channel 4 On Demand now.

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